Who is AnyPass?

We are global entrepreneurs. We are digital nomads. We are freedom-seekers, autonomous, who live and work from wherever we choose.


Complete mobility comes with a price.

It’s challenging to stay productive when you’re in Paris one week and Bucharest the next.

Freedom of mobility takes planning and organization. It’s one of the biggest reasons that keeps you home or staying in one place.

Our Mission.

Our mission at AnyPass is to help keep you productive, no matter where you are in the world.

We deeply believe in a world without borders and have been living and working from all over the world, living and breathing this lifestyle.

There’s just no replacement for eating a crepe along the Seine in Paris, having a liter of pilsner in the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, climbing the steps to the Parthenon in Athens, riding a camel in Africa…

YouTube, Netflix, and other peoples’ blogs just do not replace actually BEING there.

You want to travel the world without breaking the bank. We get it.

Finding a job that helps you work remotely or creating a business that allows you to travel the world isn’t easy. What makes it even more difficult is staying focused so that you can do these amazing bucket-list experiences and still be able to grow your business.

So we created AnyPass.

To give your time back to you.

What is AnyPass?

… a digital (we like minimal environmental impact) membership pass that allows you complete mobility while you focus on creating income and enjoying your off time.

There are a lot of nuances with finding a place to work (with strong and reliable wi-fi!), finding the right community to help your business grow (or just people around not to feel lonely), or with finding a place to stay that’s NOT a dirt floor and has running water and doesn’t cost you all your hard-earned savings. It takes time.

As traveling entrepreneurs, we realized that we were challenged with all of these and more when we made our transitions.

We’ve spent years building relationships, doing the research, and connecting others like ourselves to resources that otherwise we wouldn’t have access to.

AnyPass is taking the overhead, the pain, away from your busy schedule and giving you back your time.

We’re offering as many resources as we can to help you:

  • be more productive
  • create more time
  • stay focused
  • have great experiences

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